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Thursday, August 12, 2004

A beautiful HAMD (Praise to Allah) opens the book

Zar Grifth
opens with a very powerful HAMD sonnet written by a great URDU poet, Mr. Muzaffar Warsi. It is known as "Aye Khuda, Aye Khuda, Jis nei Kee Justuju, Mil Gaya Usko Tou" (Ye thee, the God, Ye thee, the God, you are found by anyone, who makes a QUEST for you...).

One of the most popular Pakistani Music websites, Muziq.Net, managed by Mr. Rizwan, not only helped us out in determining the accuracy of the name of the writer of this HAMD, but also went one step further. At his website, he PUT the HAMD video for you all to View and Hear... Adnan Sami Khan's performance in this old Pakistan Television (PTV) Video is simply superb. Though he did one-upped this one in his movie, Sargam later in 1996.


So, go ahead, enjoy the FIRST PAGE of Zar Grifth, by clicking on the link above, and download the HAMD.

Many thanks to dear Mr. Rizwan for this. As, in spite of this Hamd being so popular, there existed a confusion if it is penned by Mr. Muzaffar Warsi, or by Mr. Riazurrahman Saghar, the poet of movie Sargam. At least one web site, about Sargam, listed Riazurrahman as THE POET of the movie, without providing a credit to the real author of the HAMD that is astoundingly performed and filmed in the movie.

Unfortunately, this is a questionable practice in our part of the world. You would hear, and see a nice and moving song and music, but the broadcasters would NOT even tell you, who is the creator of that piece of art to begin with. This is such an injustice. So, our efforts in researching this matter paid off.

Go ahead and enjoy the Video and the Sights and Sounds of Zar Grifth :-) ... You are already on your way to a new world trip.

Bon Voyage.

Best Regards

Mohammad Bin Qasim

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