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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Zar Grifth on the Net Web - Problems with IE!?

Some surfers have reported a problem with our webpages, if they use Internet Explorer (IE). It is due to JAVA capabilities of IE. Please turn them on, or just use another fine browser like FireFox. It can be downloaded from Mozilla.Org for free. Here is the link, it is only 4.7 MB:


At lease one of the Web based encyclopedia is now featuring a link about Zar Grifth:

to Wikiverse, an up-to-date high speed static mirror of Wikipedia, a worldwide community of volunteers building an open-content encyclopedia. In the English version, started in January 2001, Wikipedia is now working on over 300000 articles.""

If you type " Hashim " in the search box, you will get a list. Then Click on Hashim, to see it catalogued there.


This link contains information about the Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH), too. Just scroll down to see Zar Grifth listed in the left column.

Please keep visiting. More news and translated summaries of the book to come up here.

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