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Monday, February 14, 2005

One of the International Press Reports about Zar Grifth

Book on Saudi Arabia 'Zar Grifth' Launched
Pakistan Times
Staff Report

'ZAR GRIFTH' (ISBN-969-8831-00-00), a book about S'ZAR GRIFTH' Titleaudi Arabia by a noted Pakistani writer, was launched earlier this week in Karachi.

Zar Grifth, a book in Urdu, about the life and times of the Pakistanis living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been published here.

"Zar Grifth", which means "In the Shackles of Money and Greed", is a project of JUSTUJU / The Quest Publishers and has been written by Mr. Hashim Syed Mohammad Bin Qasim, a well known writer and columnist. He is featured at many websites, Pak Tribune and Al Jazeerah. He has been quoted by reputed westren media sources such as Washington Post and Guardian UK.

Mostly in a lighthearted and a hilarious manner, and at times in a serious tone, the book documents the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the ways of life of the close to one million Pakistanis ("PakBaans") living there, over the past quarter century.

This large size 270 page book has 26 Chapters addressing key segments of Saudi life, history, culture, commerce and religion. It is studded with a number of cartoons, sketches, and pictures, and carries two prefaces, penned by top Urdu critics from Karachi and New York.

The critics, Mr. Athar Hashmi (Chief Editor, daily Urdu Newspaper "Jasarath", Karachi), and Mr. Syed Mohammad Haneef Akhgar (a well known Urdu Poet and ex United Nations Development Program - UNDP - Regional Chief, for the Middle East), have expressed their optimism about the success of Zar Grifth among all those who are interested in this important Islamic Country.

These critics have hailed Zar Grifth as a must read not only for a common Pakistani, but also for the diplomats and employees of the Pakistan Government.

The book is to be translated in to English in near future. For the English readers, some chapter summaries are being posted at its website. The readers can obtain more information by visiting: http://www.zargrifth.blogspot.com

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