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Monday, February 16, 2009

Female Maids in Saudi Arabia: Protection of

1. Hashim Syed  |  December 21, 2006 at 9:04 pm

Saudi Arabia has scores of such instances.

The countries sending their maids there need to have a top level agreement with the Kingdom.

Such regulations, among other things, should include:

1- Payment of their regular monthly salaries in to a bank account, under the care of respective embassies
2- Monthly visits to them by the welfare counselor of respective embassies to inquire about their welfare
3- Strict laws to punish the abusive masters, who violate the monetary. legal, and moral values
4- Fixing of work hours, and ensuring that such a time table is adhered to
5- Telephone access facility - two way - to their embassies
6- Recreational leaves during their contract period, to help them keep their mental balance and health
7- Quarterly health checks, and direct reports to the embassies
8- “Transfer” of maids on a temporary basis should be made illegal. If the masters go somewhere leaving the maid alone, she should go to a safe house run by their embassies, for that period …
9- Physical punishment, and abuses of ALL kind should be monitored and punished accordingly

Many more similar points could be thought about and a legal frame-work devised. It should be noted that this problem is faced by maids working from a common man’s level to the highest places there. Recently a US Court has convicted a royal for similar abuses.

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